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Welcome to AKMP Student Grievance Cell

The term "Grievance" refers to the grievance at individual level, which has been face on account of overlook by Akmp. It refers to those kinds of actions or decisions taken by to AKMP (officials) which lead to the discontent and dissatisfaction on the part of students.

The formation of students' Grievance Cell is to promote and maintain a conductive and unprejudiced educational environment where students are experiencing that : there has been an encroachment of their rights. It is a measure to develop responsive and accountable attitude among college officials to ensure that there is no laxity in terms of fair – deal with the students. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.

Objectives of Students Grievance cell

The main objective of polytechnic student's grievance cell is to redress of student's grievances to solve their academic and administrative problems, to co-ordinate between students and departments / sections to redress the grievances and to guide ways and means to the students to redress their problems.


Campus of AKMP is a large community consisting of 450 students. By 2014 there will be 900 students in a campus. It is possible that during the course of their academic activity. A small fraction of students or staff members would like to report a problem, or may need help in resolving psychological difficulties if any environmental factors. They need right guidance at the right time or a proper directive for their welfare. At Some students / staff, may need counseling and the right support from a holistic approach that calls for integrated efforts of professionals form different fields?

In order to address the related issues and for continuous monitoring of the well being in all aspects including educational, personality development and social growth aspects. AKMP established the student welfare and grievance cell.

Organizational setup for Student Welfare

Structure of the student Welfare and Grievance Cell is as per the organizational chart given below.


A Student Welfare Officer (SWO) heads this SW and G cell. 4 Assistant student welfare Officers (ASWO) (Two per each gender). For good accessibility to the students. One of the faculty members / Mentors who is associated with teaching in a semester is assigned as Class Teacher (CT) for each class. A student with a grievance may approach the CT or SWO or concerned ASWO directly or through an email or a letter to CT and in turn, the CT may take the issue to the ASWO OR SWO. A student can also directly contact the counselor or may seek medical help. Depending on the case.

Responsibilities of the concerned officers towards the students:

The team of SWO, ASWO's and CT's will be responsible for the following student activities:

1. Address the grievances of the students, staff and faculty both academic and personal.
2. Address motivational disorders of students, staff and students and to counsel them.
3. Help in conducting the student activities and encouraging students to perform well.
4. Keep track off the weak students and guide them for improvement.
5. Linking of health care problems with medical professionals, whenever it is applicable.
6. Once the student submits a grievance, it should be acknowledged within 24 hours and resolved within 30 days.

How can a student get his / her griecvance addressed?

The students, staff and faculty shall available this facility and approach the concerned ASWO/CT or the SWO directly for help in their campus.

The students can e-mail their grievances to the e=mail address provided below, or can submit a written grievance to any one of the officials. – CT, ASWO, SWO.

The students can call the concerned officers at the given office phone numbers in case of an emergency.

Contact particulars of SWO's student Welfare officers in the campuses

No. SWO E – mail Mobile No.
1 Mr. Deshmukh S. B.
Professor in ME
sujitdeshmukh2011@gmail.com +91 97662 52362
2 Mrs. Pathak S. P.
Professor in English
pathaksangita7@gmail.com +91 97307 40998
3 Mr. Khandbahale H. K.
Professor in Chemistry
harish_khandbahale@yahoo.co.in +91 98609 58007
4 Yande Sachin
Student (ME 5 E)
yandesachin93@gmail.com +91 97640 63967
5 Bhoye Payal
Student (CE 5 E)
N/A +91 84215 89470


Grievance Redress Committee for Girl: This cell arranges grievance removal camps for girls. Grievance removal camps are specially arranged for girls to remove grievance as this cell listens to girls problems and help them in removing grievances.


No. Faculty To work as Mobile No.
1 Miss Jaiswal M. G. In – Charge +91 8308775051
2 Miss Date P. Member +91 97307 40998
3 Miss Date P. Member +91 9730740998
4 Miss Andade H. A. Member +91 9730740998
5 Miss. Sawant C. Member +91 7875073735

Grievances Redress Committee for Ladies Staff:

No. Faculty To work as Mobile No.
1 Mrs. Pathak S. P. In – Charge +91 9921928288
2 Mrs. Warungase R. B. Office Member +91 9823636090

For Students & Gents Staff: Grievances Redress Committee

No. Faculty To work as Mobile No.
1 Mr. Khandbahale H. K. In – Charge +91 9860958007
2 Mr. Dhangar C. G. Member +91 9970999981
3 Mr. Mhaske R. S. Member +91 7350027184
4 Mr. Yeole P. R Office Member +91 9637264672

Student Members

No. Faculty Course / Sem To work as Mobile No.
1 Yande Sachin ME 5 E Member +91 9764063967
2 Shelawale Puja CE 5 E Member +91 7768025800

Mentoring Cell 1

No. Name of Student Course / Sem To work as
1 Borade D. M. Lecturer President
2 Jadhav Suraj Student ( FYME) Member
3 Bhosale Sagar Student (FYCE) Member
4 Tungar Nivrutti Student (FYEE) Member
5 Nikale Siddarth Student (FYEJ) Member

Mentoring Cell 2

No. Name of Student Course / Sem To work as
1 Dongre K. D. Lecturer President
2 Bhor Chetan Student ( SYME) Member
3 Kamthe Swetali Student (SYCE) Member
4 Jadhav Kavita Student (SYEE) Member
5 Bora Madhavan Student (SYEE) Member

Mentoring Cell 3

No. Name of Student Course / Sem To work as
1 Deshmukh S. B. Lecturer President
2 Malpani Purushottam Student (TYME) Member
3 Bagul Pankaj Student (TYCE) Member
4 Patil Dinesh Student (TYEE) Member
5 Gaikar Mohan Student (TYEJ) Member


1. Grievance forms are available in library.
2. In case of any grievances, send will be addressed on E – mail
3. Solve grievances on 1st Monday of every month by the respective committee at 4: 00 p.m.