DTE Code - D 5254

Department of Huminity & Science


Since, the Applied Science & Humanities subjects are the foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering and technology, the vision is to enhance & empower the scientific temperament of the students through the knowledge of core courses of the Applied Sciences & Humanities

The department aims to provide the sound knowledge (both theoretical and practical) on the basis of the basic courses of the Applied Sciences & Humanities which lay the foundation of different branches of engineering and technology.The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to cater the needs of the students and to inspire them to develop their technical skills.


No. Faculty Member Designation Qualification Experience Contact Photograph
1 D.B.Shirshath Lecturer Msc(Chemistry) Teaching-6Years dhanjaybshirshath1986@rediffmail.com
2 H.K.Khandbahale HOD Msc(Chemistry) Teaching-1 Years harish_khandbahale@gmail.com
3 Dr.M.V.Ahire Lecturer Msc(pw) Phd(thinfilm tech) Teaching - 7 Years
Industrial - 10years
ahire.mukund@gmail.com 9372093923 image
4 S.V.Pingal Technical Ass Bsc(chemistry) 10Years sopan.pingal@gmail.com -
5 Umesh Dhotrak Lecturer Msc(Physics) 6 Years umesh24365@gmail.com 9822656900 image